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Er tanzt gerne etwas aus der Reihe. (He likes to do things a little different than everyone else.)

Austrian wines

Years ago while in West Berlin, almond grower Bob Koth fell
in love with German and Austrian wines. Being a nutty guy, so to speak, upon return to Lodi he excavated a parcel of his almond orchard and planted the varietals he’d developed a taste for. Industry insiders considered this death by vine, but we admire anyone who goes against the norm to follow their passion.

3 rows of Blaufränkish, 4 rows of Dornfelder, a smattering of
St. Laurent, and Bob working his arsch off all these years has given Trailmaker a boon. We love Bob and these wines and think
you will too.

While hardly known here in the states, Zweiglet and Blaufränkish are a perfect alternative for fans of Pinot Noir who enjoy light
to medium-bodied food friendly wines.

2015 Zweigelt (ZVY-gelt)
Mokelumne Glen Vineyard
alc. 11.3%


Dark and inky with a purple hue, by the looks of it you’d think this wine would be dense and heavy. Instead it’s light bodied with soft tannins—pretty if you will. The flavor is sour cherry on cherry with a hint of tea, all made perfectly perky with high acidity.

Delicious with grilled veggies or fried chicken. Otherwise, serve it like an Austrian, slightly chilled with pates, terrines and cold meats.

2015 Blaufränkisch (blouw FRANN-keesh)
Mokelumne Glen Vineyard
alc. 10.9%

Dark and inky like the Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch is opposite in flavor and personality. This medium-bodied wine is full of funk and complexity—think sour beer. Bright acids ballast contrasting flavors of lemon rind, nu-grape and grandma's spice cabinet.

Pair with a great cheeseburger, any tomato vinegar based dish, or hunk of baguette and goat cheese.

Give ’em a whirl before they’re gone!
— Drew & Emily

** Please note that wines will ship on or after October 16 due to the weather.

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